We are doing something like wikileaks.org. WE NEED YOUR HELP.

If you happen to see the above signature on any documents, especially memos, letters or contracts, grab them and send to us in PDF or JPG.

We have obtained some, but we want more.

We are calling former and present employees at The NSTP, KO Lim’s Group of companies, ECM-Libra, ECM-Libra Avenue, Ekowood International Berhad & Ministry of Education, Efficient E-Solutions Berhad, and Taylor’s Education Berhad to keep a sharp hawk-eye on such documents. These are the companies where Abdullah’s men hide some of the fortunes they looted from the country.

So, don’t feel guilty. Help us put the jigsaw puzzle together (to tell the country why Badawi is such a big failure because of people surrounding him). Exercise your civil power. Do your country, our country, a big favour.

Follow the money. Connect all the dots and players. So you’ll see the big picture.

Send to our secure email: walkwithus2007 AT hushmail DOT com. Thank you.