EXCLUSIVE! The latest political manoeuvre by Malaysia-based foreign operatives is now exposed!

It’s PR doing PR.

To be more precise, two Permanent Residents (PR) of two foreign countries will be engaged, using taxpayers’ money, to help Abdullah Ahmad Badawi improve his Public Relations, another type of PR.

The job goes to Brendan Pereira @ Brenden John a/l John Pereira, the former NST Group Editor, and Wong Sulong @ Wong Puan Wah, who recently retired from The Star as its Group Editor-in-Chief.

Both have been enlisted to help Abdullah spin-doctor the 9th Malaysia Plan, targetting the foreign investors.

Brendan and Wong will be the helmsmen behind a PR company mooted and financed by the 4th Floor Boys at Putrajaya. They will take orders from Kamal Khalid (KK), 36, who is the PM’s Media Special Officer and a non-executive director in Utusan Group.

KK, an operative of KJ the Son-in-Law, will in turn take orders from Malaysia’s Country Editor-in-Chief (watch this space!)

The financing of the Brendan-Wong PR outfit will be funded via Khazanah Nasional Berhad.

The immediate job-sheet for the duo is to reposition and rekindle the US$15 billion project for the South Johor Economic Region, which had its pre-sale momentum dampened because of the massive floods in December.

Permanent Residents in Singapore and Australia

Brendan holds a Permanent Resident (PR) status in Singapore. He left The NST late last year amidst allegations of plagiarism, and went away with his reputation bruised when BBC News refused to retract its story that The NST demanded done immediately.

Wong, 59, holds a PR status in Australia. He retired from The Star after having a tiff with Group CEO Steven Tan.

The MCA, which controls The Star, had apparently be very sore with Wong for playing kow-tow and avoided sharp media scrutiny of the Umno Youth ultras when the Chinese community came under attacks orchestrated by the Son-in-Law last year.

Wong walked out when The Star management was only willing to give him a 6-month extension as the Group Editor-in-Chief, and subject to review. There was immediate reshuffle of the editorial desks and regional bureau chiefs soon after he packed.