FOX MEDIA. Why would the Country’s Editor-in-Chief (WATCH THIS SPACE!) want to buy into a company which was once housed in a SOHO (not the red-light district, but a small office home office) belonged to the former COO of NTV7?


Why would Fox Media be relocated to an obscure office within line of sight of a 4.9% shareholder of ECM-Libra Avenue?

Why would Fox Media be used to house and feed Brendan ‘Plagiarist’ Pereira (the Singaporean PR) and Wong Sulong, (the Australian PR)?

Why would Khazanah deny it before Azman Mokhtar’s contract was extended to 2010?

Why would Fox Media be given the RM7 million job for Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to relaunch Bandar Nusajaya into “Nusajaya City – The World In One City” this February 23, one day after Rocky’s court hearing?