People in The NST overheard that Kalimullah Hassan has a shopping list. Urgent shopping list.

MUST DO #1: Kalimullah is considering re-hiring Rehman Rashid for a new task, not as a night editor serving the graveyard shift, but to be a hired-gun to shoot-and destroy bloggers in Malaysia.

Sources said Rehman, who has earlier left NST to join, and now left Al-Jazeera, is likely to up the up the job. His first article to whack bloggers is likely to appear as early as next week.

MUST DO #2: Kalimullah wanted Shearn Delamore to take Rocky’s case away from Justice Hishammuddin Yunus, and to consolidate it under the same judge who is in charge of Jeff’s case, namely Justice Abdul Malik Ishak.

Sources said Kalimullah is not too comfortable with Judge Hishamuddin for being too liberal with the underdogs.

Kalimullah, who told people he wanted to use the court to promote “responsible blogging”, is the second plaintiff in both Rocky and Jeff’s defamation suits.

NSTP Group Editor-in-Chief Hishamuddin Aun and CEO Syed Feisal have confided to their close friends that they had no choice but to toe Kali’s demand and command.

But Syed Feisal is said to be resigning soon.