ANALYSIS. As early as February 25, we told you that NSTP’s defamation suits against bloggers Rocky and Jeff Ooi had actually exposed Kalimullah’s evil agenda.

Kalimullah is actually using NSTP’s financial resources, and muscling up reluctant companions in Balai Berita, to enable him pursue his personal vendetta against the two bloggers.

More, Kalimullah has many things to hide from the Umno grassroots and intelligentsia who are now so Internet-savvy.

The truth lies in the two original Statements of Claims (which were tacitly released to this journalist-blogger), and subsequently the amended Statements of Claims (which were deliberately leaked to WALK WITH US).

The two sets of claims were authored and filed on Kalimullah’s behalf by M/S Shearn Delamore.

Don’t forget, to avoid a TKO (technical knockout), Kalimullah and Gang were compelled to amend their claims after the bloggers’ lawyers had called them FATALLY DEFICIENT.

Changes made they had on the Statements of Claims, but Kalimullah remains conceited that the 48 articles directly pertaining to him – which contained known facts he hadn’t denied – must be removed from Rocky’s blog, and 15 articles removed from Jeff’s Screenshots.

Last week, Shearn Delamore just added one more article that Jeff has to remove, making it a totally of 16 articles, by way of the ex-parte injunction it obtained from the high court on January 11.

Why must the 64 articles be removed when the court has not touched merits of the case?

Why must the 64 articles be removed when the court has not touched merits of the case? That’s also the same question Malaysiakini had asked in January, commenting on the defamation suits.

The answer is, it’s to muzzle public access to information.

What are those 48 + 16 articles that Kalimullah is so afraid of? The answer is contained in the supporting affidavits attached to the claims, and amended claims, that Shearn Delamore crafted for Kalimullah and Gang.

Of Rocky’s 48 articles, 26 are related to Kalimullah misadventures abusing his power in The NSTP, of which at least three articles are cross-linked to expose in Jeff’s Screenshots.

Of Jeff’s 16 articles, 14 are related to Kalimullah’s misadventures abusing his power in The NSTP, of which at least 9 articles are cross-linked to expose in Rocky’s Bru.

The expose in the blogs are supported by public domain information, and probably some traders’ insider accounts, about Kalimullah’s activities in subverting national interests, and destablizing the political equilibrium in Malaysia by selling-off the country’s interests to Singapore.

The information is believed to contain details related to the ECM-Libra/Avenue Capital deals, and the orchestrated scheme to demonize Mahathir which ultimately blew up in Kalimullah’s Sunday column that is filled with distorted facts and published in the NST of June 11, 2006.

Kalimullah, to date, had not denied any of the his misadventures reported in Bernama, the mainstream and online media, especially those contained in the Khairy Chronicles in Malaysia-Today.

It is understood that these will be among the highlights to be deliberated when the actual hearings take place in the open court.

Just read the Statements of Claims that Shearn Delamore prepared, and you will get the big picture. We don’t have to lie the way the ministers had wanted you to believe in their spin-doctoring.

We just invite you to look at the facts as they are, which are contained in Kalimullah’s and his fellow plaintiffs’ Statements of Claims.

You then tell us why Kalimullah needed an ex-parte injunction to force Jeff to take down those articles, and why he applied for the same against Rocky’s 48 but was disallowed by another High Court Judge.

Visit Politikus’ blog to view what these 64 articles are. The blog still carries the original Statements of Claims against Rocky and Jeff respectively.

Meanwhile, were have been informed that the defense lawyers have finalized their preparation to pursue both cases in open hearing. The witness list has been compiled, so has the list of people to be called to testify under subpoena.

Watch this space for more updates and analysis!