wwu_cecilabraham.jpgCecil Abraham, the beyond-expiry-date lawyer who still thinks he is a Godsend to Malaysian legal practice, has replaced the Irish as the butt of jokes for lawyers who drink across the streets of Shearn Delamore’s drinking hole.

His copy-and-paste LA has now given him a copy-and-paste headache, big headache.

You see, Rishwant Singh, the legal assistant (LA) who enjoys being praised as a meticulous hawk for his research and case preparation, must have been consumed totally by the accolades. He did a copy-and-paste for two sets of Statements of Claims against bloggers Rocky and Jeff Ooi, respectively. The first set was dismissed by the defense counsel as FATALLY DEFICIENT.

Shearn Delamore, for all the salt it’s worth, could have just stuck to their gun and shifted no commas nor periods.

No, the Singh re-worked and filed an amended Statement of Claims against the two bloggers. Again, COPY-AND-PASTE! See our blogs of 02/03 and 25/02.

The next moment, Cecil A. is deservedly reduced to his usual theatrics as being a Big Bully, famous in-court and infamous off-court. You must see how sullied his face was when he didn’t get what he wanted in Court when Judge Hishamuddin passed down his decision on April 2 in Rocky’s case!

And hear thee! Here comes the double blows, a copy-and-paste headache for Shearn Delamore.

Recently, the Defense lawyers have applied to consolidate both cases under one Judge – thanks to the Singh who had the two cases made interlocutory.

This own-goal was illustrated by the Singh in Paragraph 33 of the AMENDED claims against Rocky, and Paragraph 24 (Page 103 onwards) of the AMENDED claims against Jeff.

Put it this way, the Singh has cleverly offered Defense counsels the best ground for Jeff to merge the two cases, while Shearn could still continue to bill The NSTP and its shareholders for the wonderful “services” delivered!

Kalimullah wouldn’t mind because it’s not his money he is burning away. Would he?


Be that as it may, all that would have been a normalcy in the Court had it not been Rocky’s case that had moved full-steam ahead!

Rocky has withdrawn his striking out application, and he appeared ready to go full swing with his case, with the hearing proper starting on June 28. Our contacts in Malaysia said Rocky is drawn up his list of witnesses, and another list for subpoena. His written submissions are almost ready, too.

French wire agency AFP even quoted that Dr Mahathir appeared willing and ready to offer himself to testify as witness in the trial.

As you know, Dr Mahathir features prominently in Rocky’s blog where Kalimullah Hassan, the vindictive plaintiff from The NSTP, has been called a liar for spinning untruths in the mainstream media – in the infamous June 11, 2006 Sunday column about the Tokyo meeting between Dr M and Abdullah Badawi.

In contrast, Jeff’s case was lagged behind due to the process involved in dealing with the striking out and the setting aside of the ex-parte injunction.

At this point, separating the two cases will likely bring embarrassment to the members of Bench for exposing themselves to inconsistent judgment in the two cases that the Singh had made interlocutory. Case in hand:

1 ) NSTP wanted 48 articles taken down from Rocky’s Bru but Judge Hishamuddin refused to grant an ex-parte injunction

2 ) NSTP wanted only 15 articles taken down from SCREENSHOTS, The NSTP wanted an ex-parte and Judge Malik Ishak had deemed it fit to grant it.

Now that Jeff has applied to merge the two cases, how should the plaintiffs’ AMENDED Statements of Claims – that Rocky’s case and Jeff’s that the Singh prayed as interlocutory – be treated? Go to the S6 Judge that they are not interlocutory – as has been skillfully crafted in the Shearn Delamore claims – and tell the learned Judge that the cases need to remain separated even though there are interlocutory?

Meanwhile, beers are selling better in pubs that Shearn Delamore lawyers don’t drink in.

There also the joke that all lawyers drink to their health these days. They feel Cecil A. may as well retire and give way to the Singh, the younger and smarter fella!

While not many can say for certain if Kalimullah is not spayed to do battle with Dr Mahathir, who had repeatedly called him Hindu Goddess Muslim Priest, in the open court, many are cock sure that Shearn has a graceful way out. That is to tell their client that Sir Martin Sorrell has been there, done that, and got bruised in the hand of bloggers.

STOP PRESS: Cecil A. and the Singh want to buy more time!