ANALYSIS. It’s a classic case of abusing law to silence the critics.

On one hand, Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan wanted the defamation suits against Rocky and Jeff Ooi delayed as long as it takes. The net effect is to gag and silence the two Big-Mouth Bloggers from further blowing his cover.

More so, when he now schemes to use ECM-Libra Avenue to be in cahoot with Tony Fernades for the airline FAX. This, Kalimullah is doing after he has successfully used law to gag Matthias Chang and Husam Musa from exposing his scheme in taking over Khazanah-owned Avenue Capital on the cheap, and slip back in ECM-Libra when the heat cools off.

On the other hand, Cecil Abraham has been ousted from Shearn Delamore, taking with him the son, and Riswant Singh, the LA wrote the claims documents that the bloggers labelled as FATALLY DEFICIENT and EMBARRASSING to the Bench and Bar.

It’s a limbo for Shearn Delamore, but its a boon for Kalimullah. Both thus continue to share the same strange bed. Delay as long as it takes.

On May 28, the case against Rocky was dragged for it to be heard by the Registrar of the High Court, and then the Judge should the the decision be challenged by either party, which is more than likely if you understand how defamation suits work.

Hence, Rocky’s case will be heard some time in August 2007.

Similarly, on June 19, Shearn Delamore took the same line of argument for Jeff Ooi’s case, citing plaintiff’s instruction, and wanted the hearing to be conducted by the Registrar some time in September.

Kalimullah wants delaying tactics in the meandering process. He didn’t bother to contest if Rocky has provided further evidence to pin Brenden Pereira as a serial plagiarist. Just delay as long it takes. After all, all the legal cost is borne by the shareholders of NSTP, and Shearn Delamore’s pricetag has nosedived so tremendously if NSTP Chairman’s words are to be taken as an indication.

And Shearn Demalore is unsure if its wants Cecil Abraham take away the Rocky and Jeff Ooi files, or keep it at home.

Meanwhile, Jeff Ooi is gagged with the ex-parte injunction to expose further on Kalimullah.

After all, if Kalimullah’s former boss, the dead Tan Sri Loy of the dead MBf Group, managed to to gag lawyer Wee Choo Keong with an ex-parte for 14 long years, why can’t Kalimullah who isn’t dead, yet?

That’s the reason why we didn’t have much to report in this website since April.